Qmail MTA Optimized for phpList

We have designed and optimized a full feature configuration of Qmail for use with phpList.

Now, you can have this server installed as your SMTP server.  It’s very fast, robust, has all the email server features you want for any server, plus special features to increase your deliverability of messages sent from phpList.

Features include:

Standard Qmail, patched for extra capabilities:

DNS cache server
Secure Authentication (ssl/tls) for email
Web interface for administration:

  • Vpopmail
  • Vqadmin
  • Statistics
  • Domain settings
  • Mailbox creation, config, forwarding, vacation messages
  • Web based email reading and sending (Squirrelmail)

Header modification: removes lan based ‘relay’ phpList headers
Domain based throttling
Dovecot Pop and IMAP server

USD$1295 for install and configuration on your linux server


  • SSH access to server with root or sudo privileges
  • Pre-existing linux box (Centos 6.x preferred)
  • Fixed public ip address
  • Access to dns with the ability to add/edit records

$349 for upgrades to latest revision of source packages.

Chicago, IL USA