phpList Turnkey Email Marketing Appliance

Tired of limitations of your Virtual Server Provider? Do you have high volume requirements that require an in-house solution?

Now you can control it all… you provide:

  • Fixed Public IP Address
  • Internet connectivity

We will configure and ship a turnkey Email Marketing Server to you… hardware with pre-installed software. You install it on your internet connection (on a public, fixed ip address), and we’ll log in and finish the configuration for you. We will also maintain this for you, monitoring the sending, insuring proper operation and configuration. If we see anything unusual or suboptimal, we’ll make suggestions regarding configuration changes, etc. The maintenance program includes upgrades to the system as new versions of the various software components are released.

We have configured two versions of phpList for you to install in your office/server room/datacenter:

phpList Basic Appliance  $2499, plus $75/mo maintenance and support. Good for sending 500 emails/hour. (12,000 emails/day; up to 360,000 emails/month)

phpList HC  Appliance $8499, plus $449/mo maintenance and support. This is the high capacity appliance is capable of sending over 10,000 emails per hour. (240,000 emails/day, up to 7,200,000 emails/mo)




Linux server on appropriate hardware x x
phpList installed x x
MTA exim qmail
Database mysql mysql
Cluster configuration no yes
Configuration services yes yes
Training or hourly services included 2 hours 4 hours
Targeted sending speed (emails/hour) 500 10,000
Purchase price USD$2499 USD$8499
Monthly maintenance/support fee USD$75 USD$449

If 10,000 emails/hour is not enough, we can custom configure and deliver a ‘super cluster’ of the front end (phpList), a high capacity database and multiple MTAs. We will also train you on how to use this system to maximize deliverability. Please contact us with your requirements.

Chicago, IL USA